First Blog Post…Ever.

To anyone who finds this blog, I have no idea what I’m doing. I think I just needed an excuse to write about my life in a medium where it might catch the attention of passerby’s. I have had an insane series of events happen to me in the almost 24 years I have existed on this giant spinning rock, and opinions on every one of them. I just figured it was about time I shared my experiences and thoughts with, well, anyone who might listen.

I guess what has prompted this coming to be was a recent break up a few weeks ago. One of those break ups where two people’s lives are so intertwined that regardless of how emotionally mutual the break up might be, someone has to suffer the burden of changing their whole life. In this situation, of course that person had to be me. Struggling to find a new place to live, a new job, new friends and new motivation in life. So I’ve turned here, to the world of readers and sharers to tell my stories, and give myself a distraction from my current abysmal situation. I have no idea how often I will be writing, but I do have plenty to say. So as far as my first post goes, this is me!

(Obviously) my name is Nick and I am a young adult living on the East Coast. I don’t want to try to classify myself as a “college student” or “veteran” or “full time worker” or any of the other dozen labels I have wrapped my life into already. Not even 25 yet and I’ve had more jobs than I can count, attended more colleges than I’ve had serious relationships, and changed my mind career-wise enough times to know I don’t know what I’m doing. I have served in the United States Marine Corps, driven across the country (twice), and even ran through the mountains and volcanoes of Chile (see the picture above). I’ve been a lot of places, tried a lot of things, and been through experiences I could never have imagined. And now, I don’t know whats next.

So I suppose this blog is whats next! So welcome to an out of order, gut feeling, random account of my life, post by post, and my thoughts on all of it. Welcome to Thoughts by Nick.


One thought on “First Blog Post…Ever.

  1. Found your blog from First Fridays. This is a great first post! It’s a nice intro to you and what your blog is going to be about…. which sounds like a lot of different and exciting things.


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