Serenity. It glides through the world around us, often undetected. Between the soft hums of the strings of a cello as it’s master gracefully bends her bow to Bach. In the tendrils of light that reach out from the cold teal arches of water as its waves trickle in the breeze on a calm spring day. Pure serenity exists in the most camouflaged of places. But one, one instance truly captures the quintessence of serenity. It hides its calm in the chaos, and so it is overlooked with amazing ease. It is open to our senses, but it does not beg to be seen. You needn’t seek it out, only open your eyes. Look, listen, inhale. Here it comes. Can you hear it? Pitter patter, pitter patter…

The sky is wild charcoal. It seems so far away over the trees, a distant thought not yet realized. Yet it is also right there, looming above, commanding an orchestra. Mountains of dark ash dance to a silent tune, peaks reaching in all directions trying to ground themselves to the world they float over. A deep breath in. There is a new scent to the air. It mixes in the buds of the trees, the flowers flowing from the mulch in which they are rooted. It mixes in the blackness of the clouds and the brightness of their bolts of light – the aroma chills the spine. Every pore opens up, every sense overclocked. The leaves swirl in gusts, the wind howls with a pack of wolves that brush softly on your skin as they race by. A ship at the mercy of the sea, you rock with the heavens. The air grows heavier now. Above the soft moaning of the gods and the quiet tussle of the pines, there is another constant sound. One lone syllable, that beckons recognition. A spot of dry ground gets darker. Then another. Another. The syllable doubles. It triples. It becomes a hiss as the liquid arrows rain down from sky where they were no longer welcome. A cannon is fired. A tearing of sound so monstrous, the world shakes almost as much as you. The roar booms through the horizon. It echoes through valleys and rivers and the crescendo electrifies your flesh. Yet with every passing chill you feel calmer and steadier, the rage of the storm syncing with the animal within. Blinding light explodes from the abyss above, igniting the darkness. Purple, yellow, blue arms leave the black sea in the sky, desperately searching for the Earth. It is nature’s opera, a show of time and life. Tranquility and anger. Power and desire. And as the jagged arches of brilliance reach down, every nerve in your body is touched, every spot that was concealed from the light is illuminated. Your mind feels alive. In this moment, in all of space, time, and the existential epoch that is life, everything stands still. The world seamlessly merges together, into one emotion, one essence. One word.




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