Two Haiku’s


Waves crash on the shore

The sand feels cold in the night

You can taste the peace

Forsaken Rock

A gray stone lays there

The woods around are alive

But it can not be


8 thoughts on “Two Haiku’s

  1. I would love to share them on my two blogs Writer’s Work Lab and It would be nice to know what your last name is Nick so that I can say who the writer was.
    Keep writing and appreciating nature.

    Paulette Motzko


      1. Hi there Nick, I’m glad that you appreciative of me putting your wonderful haikus out there. They’re worth putting out there. They’re inspiring and you have a very deep and profound insight into nature.


      2. I included the direct link to your web page on the article post, and just wanted you to know that. Also you’ll be happy to know that your story that I erred and add an image to a number five on the top 10 list 2nd to the homepage. Congrats!

        If there’s ever anything that I’ve written that you’d like to share just ask me and the answer is probably yes you can share anything on there comma just give a direct link to my site if you like period I have images that are really wonderful about nature and conservation and ecology that I would forward your way if you would ever want. My email address if you never like to send anything back and forth is
        I look forward to reading more from you. I really like your work the intensity and depth that you have.

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