You won’t live forever

We all feel immortal. Something about consciousness and the human mind sheathes us from thinking otherwise. We rarely contemplate the fact that we are all merely blips on the time span of the universe. Mere fifty to eighty year life spans pale in comparison to the amount of time that has passed before us, and the amount of time that remains to be had. But to us, everything that is happening is our everything. The fact that in the grand scheme of things what we do with our lives most likely won’t result in a lasting impact is not a thought we embrace.

I am not telling you this to create fear or depression. This fact should not scare you or dull your sense of meaning in life. In fact, it should do quite the opposite.

At the end of our lives, the only thing that will truly have mattered is how we spent our time here. Did we embrace who we were? Did we experience the full human condition? If the answer might in anyway be no, then now is the time to change your future.

The only thing we can control in life is what happens to us. What we discover, what we feel, what we become and what we experience. The only thing in our way is excuses and a false sense of impossibility. We can be anything, go anywhere, try anything. And we must, because at the end of the day, these actions are all that we may have to define our short time as a blip on the universes radar.

So go. Explore. Try. Do everything in life for you, for your fulfillment and for your sense of achievement. It is easy to sit there and think you can’t because of work, or school, or friends, or anything. Because it feels like all of that will last forever; but it doesn’t. Life has finality, everything around us that we think holds value only does so because we assigned the value to it. One day all of it will be gone, and so will you. So if you let them, these things will stand as obstacles in your way of achieving dreams and beyond. Take a leap of faith or a roll the dice, make choices like tomorrow isn’t going to come. Because one day it won’t. And all you can take with you into the ether is the life you lived, for those short years, in this mid 21st century, on this small blue planet. Nothing is forever, certainly not us. Don’t fret over tomorrow, live for today.

Embrace the one chance at life you get, for yourself.


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