Thought of the Day: Just try it

As stated in my previous post, I will be starting some new things and this semi-regular segment of daily thoughts will be a part of that. And as the title suggests, I'm just going to try it! And that's what we all should do really. I mean there are something's in life you just don't …

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Changes coming to the blog

If you follow my poetry at all you may have noticed I post it in short bursts. A few haikus and a short poem here or there, and almost nothing in between. I can't decide when the inspiration for art strikes, and I feel like there is so much empty space in between that I …

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Frail leaves fall, brown and yellow Swept away by the living breeze That changes all that it brushes against And carries with it the smells of autumn. The tender ones blow away And the trees become barren A bleak scene left before the snow falls. And then, Spring.