Thought of the Day: Just try it

As stated in my previous post, I will be starting some new things and this semi-regular segment of daily thoughts will be a part of that. And as the title suggests, I’m just going to try it!

And that’s what we all should do really. I mean there are something’s in life you just don’t know if you’ll like until you try. You don’t know if you’ll be good at it or hate it or find a new passion, unless you try it. And I get that it’s not always as easy done as it is said. “Trying” a new career, or something else akin to that much effort or time spent on a change may be a little more involving than a “good-ole-fashioned” try is worth. But the principle remains the same, if not in a smaller dose. Think you might want to change careers and become a lawyer? Okay maybe don’t quit your day job and spend $200k on law school just to “try it”. But how about getting a volunteer gig on the side in a legal office? That’s the kind of steps I’m talking about. 

Trying is everything. Making an attempt is everything. And chances are if you make any sort of attempt to try something, and you actually follow through, you are going to become more invested in that thing. Because you spent time on it. This is how people get into regular work out routines. They finally convince themselves to go exercise, they try it, and they get past that first and hardest step which is to actually start something. 

This is coming from a personal place, I just tried trail biking for the first time recently, out of nowhere on a whim, and I fell in love. Just when I was looking for something to give me more excitement and energy and meaning. And all I had to do, was try it.

So today’s thought of the day is, whatever you are thinking about doing or wondering if you’d enjoy or be able to succeed at, just give it a try. Master Yoda may have been wrong on this one, because there is always a “try”. That’s how we learn. 


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