About Me


Hi there. My name is Nick. I am a just another ambitious person with stories to tell, opinions to voice, and thoughts to express. I have no formal education in literature or writing, I am not a journalist nor an English major. In fact, I wouldn’t even call myself a “writer”. To me, writing is a passion, but more importantly, it is a vehicle. A runaway train with endless box cars full of feelings and ideas, barreling through the universe with no destination and no brakes. And this blog is your ticket onto that train. Whether through poetry or short written excerpts, I aim to express the emotions I feel in my life, and those that are imparted onto me by the world around me. Every post is unique, and carries with it some part of my take on life, the world, and the human experience. My hope is that by writing about my life and the manifestations of my mind, I can let go of my own baggage; and maybe provide something, something, for you too. Everything I post is original, and if you wish to share it, as long as you give credit, be my guest. If I share something that isn’t mine, I will respectfully do the same.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!